In 2020, we celebrate the twenty years of the first draft of the human genome. This remarkable advancement had impacted our understanding of underlying genetics bases, and also fuelled the development of tailored therapies based on human genetic variation. Nowadays, disease treatment could occur according to the interindividual variation in drug responses and therefore stepping toward the personalized medicine concept. In this sense, Drug-Design is a process to develop new molecules that are complementary in shape and charge to the biological target. From clinical assessments to trial, the steps to develop and design a new medication include the target selection, the evaluation of a structure of that target, the pivotal questions to consider in choosing a method for drug lead discovery, and evaluation of the drug leads.

The explosion of genomic, proteomic, and structural biology has provided hundreds of new targets and opportunities for the advancement of drug lead discovery. With the pandemic situation of SARS-CoV-2, the RSG-Brazil – a network of students – is now focused on gathering individuals and assembling task-forces to develop human resources and training, to deploy immediate responses in the field of drug-design.

With it all exposed, we are delighted to announce the Special Interest Group, a meeting focused on the challenges and methods applied in the process of Drug-Design. Join us in this fully virtual one-day meeting, which will occur on 1st December 2020 at ZOOM platform. The meeting program will feature international and national speakers, students presentations and a virtual poster session.


Liliane Conteville

Néli Fonseca

Nilson Coimbra

Dra. Ana Carolina Guimarães